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What Does It Mean To Bring Rutland County Into The Next Generation?

Before you select a candidate, it is best to get to know that candidate first. When it comes to Brittany Cavacas, you will see that her life experiences are defined in this campaign. Her willingness to be a leader in her community, her roots to our great state, understanding health care administration to help fellow Vermonters old and young, growing up in a small family business, and working with future generations to help them succeed in their lives. This is who Brittany Cavacas is and this is why she is running for Rutland County Senate in Vermont.


Brittany Cavacas was born in Rutland, Vermont, and raised in Proctor by her mother Terry Dion Cavacas and father Hurley Cavacas Jr. Her father Hurley was a high school math professor and is a college professor and business owner. Brittany’s mother Terry was an administrator at residential care homes in the region and is now retired. Brittany Cavacas is the oldest of the three children that they had. A brother and a sister. Her siblings are married and living in Vermont and Brittany is an aunt to one nephew. Brittany Cavacas’s grandparents on her mother’s side were Marguerite Dion and Leon Dion who were West Rutland residents and owned Pleasant Manor in Rutland and West Rutland. On her father’s side, her grandparents were Hurley Sr. Cavacas and Irene Cavacas. Hurley Sr. was a meat cutter alongside his twin brother Howard and Irene was the manager of the Towne Shop in Rutland. Hurley Sr. and Irene were also noted for owning the Cavacas Country Store in Proctor. Brittany Cavacas grew up very involved in the Proctor and Rutland County communities. She was avid in local sports. This included Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Swimming, and Dancing. She was a captain on multiple sports teams growing up. Brittany Cavacas also coached AAU basketball during her time in college. Brittany Cavacas was also apart of local youth groups and the Marble Valley Players. Brittany Cavacas had a tremendous passion for dance from a young age. She started dancing at the age of 2 and was heavily involved in assisting at her local dance studio at age 11. While she did many forms of dance, her favorites were Tap and Jazz. Throughout her dance career, she experienced many life lessons that included discipline, patience, teamwork, and the importance of details. Brittany Cavacas grew up in a Catholic family that was involved in local church events and she still currently practices to this day. Her passion for civics and politics first came in middle school after doing a research paper on women in politics. This grew over the years as she saw an example of being politically involved through her father. She would take these principles to heart as she would always find a way to be part of leadership roles within the classroom along with finding opportunities to help individuals within the community. 


Brittany Cavacas graduated high school in 2003 from Mount St. Joseph Academy in Rutland. She then went to the Community College of Vermont Rutland and then transferred to Champlain College in Burlington and has a degree in Health Care Administration. Her decision to go into the health care administration field is because of the direct ties to her mother and her grandfather’s experience in the field. She has held several different positions within the health care field and she currently works for the Adult Family Care Division for the Vermont Department of Health. Along with her professional career, Brittany Cavacas is also avid in other civic roles in the Rutland community. Brittany Cavacas is a commissioner on the Rutland City School Board. She is serving her first term on the board and was elected to be apart of the policy sub-committee. Along with her school board position, Brittany Cavacas is the Founder of the non-profit We Are Girls With Dreams. We Are Girls With Dreams is a non-profit for anti-bullying and youth empowerment for tomorrow's leaders. This group is targeted for young women in the age group of 4th grade up to college. Founded in 2019, this group has done multiple workshops in local schools, went on a trip to the UN in New York City, and plans to have leadership conferences at the site of the former College of St Joseph. The leadership conference has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In Brittany Cavacas’s personal life, she is an avid traveler and has participated in 6 different running races. All of the races that she has participated in have been for charity events. Some of the charities Brittany Cavacas has run for include The Children’s Miracle Network along with charities with direct ties to Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her specific reason for these causes is because it had affected loved ones throughout her life. Brittany Cavacas is a huge fan of Disney along with watching sports. This includes UConn Women’s basketball, the New England Patriots, and the Boston Red Sox.


Brittany Cavacas’s life journey has led to this very moment. The reason that she decided to enter the Senate race is because she wanted to make the voice of younger Vermonters heard. She sees the division between party extremes in Montpelier and it has led to little progress for fellow Vermonters. Brittany Cavacas wants to make our economy work for tomorrow. The rising concerns of people and business leaving our state is real. Brittany Cavacas has the same experiences when it comes to budgeting and the cost of living. We have so many opportunities at our disposal to bring affordability back to Vermonters. We can also provide a more business-friendly atmosphere for all types of businesses without having to sacrifice our state’s beauty or traditions. Her vast experiences within healthcare puts her in the right frame of mind to execute health care that works for everyone!  Lastly, Brittany Cavacas identifies that tomorrow leaders need to have a say in the future of Vermont. By giving them tools to promote our state’s local women and youth, we can provide hope for a bright future for our great state. The story of Brittany Cavacas shows that she brings a fresh perspective to making progress for our state’s future. She is committed to this community and has a desire to make people's lives better. We hope that this bio showed the character in Brittany Cavacas. We would be honored if you considered Brittany Cavacas for your vote this November. Brittany Cavacas for Rutland County Senate in Vermont. Bringing Vermont into the next generation.

-Brittany Cavacas

Brittany Cavacas Rutland County Senate Vermont



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